August 13, 2022
2023:Still Searching For A Running Mate-Bola Tinubu

APC Presidential Candidate, Bola Tinubu has revealed that he’s still searching for a running Mate ahead of 2023 general election.

Tinubu disclosed this while giving a keynote address at the 60th birthday celebration of the Speaker of House of Representatives, Gbajabiamila.

The former Lagos State,Governor showered words of praises on the Speaker for his contribution in his actualisation to run for Presidency

He said:

“I could see a Deputy (Wase) sitting down there too, you are very good symbols of unity, dependability, and honesty, thank you. Thank you for both of you, you’ve not rocked the boat. I will need to learn from both of you, how you made the pair work because I’m still searching for my running mate,”

He appreciated his good works during the primary election.

“What you did during my primary (APC presidential election) is a story for another day. I’ve spent more time, too many times and people might be bored, they might be envious too, they might be jealous. I won a landslide, I thank you.”

“Femi, with your determination, and reach, you are a contributor to our democratic growth, thank you. It is about charting a path to success, you’ve done a good job and I say thank you, thank you.”

Source: amanaijablog

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