June 3, 2023
"The Attire Of A Prostitute"-Nigerian Pastor Preaches After Hilda Broke Records, Says By The Way They Dress, You Will Know They Sell Other Things

A Nigerian Pastor’s sermon on “attire of a harlot” is trending online, given that it’s coming at a time Chef Hilda Baci broke the Guinness Record for longest cooking.

While preaching to his church members, the Pastor claimed that no matter the record one breaks, people will always know they are selling other things asides food.

No matter the record you break, there?s a way you?ll dress and we?ll know it?s not just food you?re selling - Pastor preaches days after Hilda Baci broke Guinness Record  (video)

He also claimed that one can know a “demon girl” from her dressing.

Watch the video below……

Source:Linda Ikeji Blog

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