March 31, 2023
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Humm…this is serious.,..

Rashidat Ogunniyi,  a 40-year-old Lagos based housewife has cried out to Igando customary court to dissolved her 12-year-old marriage  on the grounds that her husband, Kazeem, loves his dog more than he loves her.

According to her,her husband was only concerned about the welfare of his dog.

“Kazeem is an irresponsible husband and father. He lacks care and love for me and our children. He only cares about the health, happiness and safety of his dog. He always showers the dog with compliments,” Rashidat said during her cross-examination on Thursday, December 9

The trader also allegeed that Kazeem is domineering and violent.

“My husband turned me into a punching bag, he beats me at the slightest provocation. There was a day he beat me in public and tore my cloth.”she said

“I live every minute of my life in fear. Save me from the cruel hands of my husband and grant me the custody of our children,” she prayed

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